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Sash window refurbishment

It is a sad fact that sash windows often fall into disrepair and one of the most frequent things we are asked to do is to get sashes moving smoothly again. Quite often this is because they have been painted shut or become seized up through lack of use over the years.

In most cases, to facilitate this we would recommend a sash ‘service’ which would incorporate any of the following:

  • Remove sashes and parting bead from the frame
  • Clean off any excess paint impeding free movement from the sashes and frame
  • Remove the old sash cords and weights and clean out any debris from the pockets
  • Repair any sections of damaged frame or lining
  • Inspect and replace pulley wheels if required
  • Reattach weights and fit new sash cords
  • Refit sashes and beads

Topping up sash weights
Sash windows rely on a cleverly balanced system of weights to enable them to function properly. When a lower sash drops under it’s own weight and won’t stay in it’s closed position, it is highly likely that the sashes are underweighted.

Other factors also come into play too. For example, when glass is replaced in a sash, the new pane could be slightly thicker than the original glass and potentially leave the sash heavier than before. This can create an imbalance with the original weights causing them to be insufficiently heavy to keep the top sash pulled closed or the bottom sash open.

If this is a problem you are experiencing we can remedy that by topping up the weights as appropriate to balance the sash again. Quite often this can be incorporated with a sash service.
Draft proofing
We are regularly asked to carry out draft proofing and this can be done in a variety of ways. Typically it will involve the replacement of the parting beads and staff beads for new beads which carry a brush strip. A couple of examples are depicted on the pictured above. This helps to close up some of the gaps around the window while it is closed.

If there are large gapes between the edges of your sashes and the frame we can cut a channel in the edge of the sash and insert a brush strip there too to close off the gap between the sash an the pulley style. This can help with the smooth opening and closing of the sash as it cuts down on lateral movement which can often cause the sash to jam.

If you would like some advice on the best way to draft proof your sash windows we would be very happy to discuss the best options for your particular situation.
The process
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